Letter by H C Russell, 16 January 1891

Letter by H C Russell, 16 January 1891
Letter by H C Russell, 16 January 1891

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Janry 16th 1891


In response to the letter of Mr John Eedy: I have the honour to report that the statement made by him “A great deal of work is done at the Government Observatory for Private Persons. is [sic] absolutely without foundation. Mr Leneham the first assistant has for years past done some work for Almanacs but [sic] it has been done in his own home and in his own time.

I have the pleasure to enclose his report upon Mr Eedy’s letter.

And may I add that this work is highly technical, and it is usual to get it done by some assistant in an Observatory. Such is the case I know in many instances and it would be unfair to publishers if they were prevented from employing the most competent computer. So long as such work does not in any way interfere with official duty.

In reference to the particular Almanac referred to by Mr Eedy, Mr Lenehan informs me that the Publisher Mr Knaggs, begged him to supply the information: and that he did not in any way try to get the work.

Mr Eedy further says, “I may mention that the whole of the information given to the Almanacs Year Books Newspapers ……. Is done at the Observatory Officially”

A statement which is simply untrue.

I have the honour to be
Your Obedient Servant
H.C. Russell
Govt Astronomer

Secretary for Public Instruction