Letter by H C Russell, 17 January 1891

Letter by H C Russell, 17 January 1891
Letter by H C Russell, 17 January 1891

Janry 17

John Mackay Esqre
Clover Bank

My dear sir

Many thanks for your letter of Jan 14th enclosing copy of your river record from April 9th to Janry 14 of this year. From this it would appear that the total fall in the interval was 52ft 4 ½ in and 3ft: yet to fall would make the river at end of April allowing for small rises 13ft 4 ¾ in 42ft 6in above summer level. Subject of course to correction when the river does get to its summer level. a [sic] time which the present heavy rains will defer again.

Your record will be valuable to me in writing the record of that great flood particulars of which I have I think now got together it takes a long time to collect them and still some are promised that I have been waiting months for.

Would it be possible to connect your River Heights with your house or some other mark more permanent than trees. At Wilcamia we had the River gauge on a tree and in one flood the bank slipped down tree and all and I suppose the same thing might take place anywhere along the River.

There are as you say many present records of the 1890 flood. but [sic] after the experience in Bourke where it was up to definite marks on houses and with living witnesses of the state of matters not able to agree as to the height in Bourke I fear that many of the recent records will have become unknown in 20 years unless we can get references to permanent objects.

And get all the particulars published, so that they may be in the hands of a great many people. If you have any solid rack ?? in the bank of the river to which a brass plate could be attached: I would send you a plate and the tools for fixing it. if [sic] you would let me know what to have engraved upon the plate something of this sort would I should think do.

Clover Bank
April 30 1890 the flood water was
30ft 6in above this mark [arrows marked on letter]
With many thanks
Yours very truly
H.C. Russell