Letter by H C Russell, 25 January 1876

Letter by H C Russell, 25 January 1876


25 Jany

Mr ?? S King Esq

Owing to some new regulations for spending Government Money in this Colony I am obliged in future to get all books through a Sydney firm whose agents in London are L Symans? & Co. I will therefore ?? it a favour if you will continue to supply me ?? ?? up to 50 pence?? of the current year (1876).

I will write to observatories and endeavour to prevent them from troubling you with my parcels after that date and should ?? ?? observatory send you any books for the ?? ?? it a great favour if you would send them on to Messrs Longmans ??

I hope by the time this reaches you to have paid Mr ?? all the accounts now to hand. Thanking you for the ?? in which you have ??

Yours truly
H C Russell
Govt Astronomer

?? Goulburn