Letter by H C Russell, 7 February 1871

Letter by H C Russell, 7 February 1871
Letter by H C Russell, 7 February 1871


7 Feby 1871


No Meteorological Return has been received from you for the last 4 months. I have today sent you a telegram asking for January but I want also October November & December 1870; as several members of Parliament moved the Government to establish the meteorological stations and expect to see in the Herald a monthly statement from each station. Unless you send in your returns regularly so as to reach me by about the 5th of 6th of each month I shall be compelled to draw public attention to the omission.

I have the honor to be
H C Russell
Govt Astronomer

The Station Master
Telegraph Office

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    • Yes he does. For more stick (though perhaps more in the subtext), check out some of his letters to the Colonial Architect. (In his defence, it seems he only resorted to the stick when it was called for. He was supportive of staff and volunteers who were hardworking and committed to the development of scientific understanding in the Colony.)

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