Letter by H C Russell, 12 March 1891

Letter by H C Russell, 12 March 1891
Letter by H C Russell, 12 March 1891


March 12th

Thomas Beard Esqre
Cattatunda Sta[tion]

Dear Sir

Yours of March 9th reac[hed] me in due course and I am muc[h] obliged to you for sending me the infor[mation] about the extraordinary storm on Mar[ch] 1st. It far exceeds in severity any rain storm we have had in Sydney we hav[e] often had heavier rain for a few hour[s.]

We have for instance had 0.40 in 4 minu[tes] and our greatest one hours rain was 2 …. at Newcastle. 60 miles north of us they once had 10.50 in 2 ½ hours. but [sic] you[r] 3.05 in 5 minutes is heavier than th… while it lasted.

It would be interesting to know what [the] effects were on the surface and creek. Once at Millonia(?), 11 inches of rain fell in 36 hours, and it produced a local ris[e] in the Darling of 28 feet. So I should ex[pect] your storm must have made local …. f loods. and [sic] perhaps cut cannels(?) in the valleys.

I do not know if you are aware tha[t] I publish an annual report of rain in this colony to which more than 6? stations contribute. I wish you …. see you way to help me in this work it is one of great importance to the colony and particularly to those interested in the products of the …. I send printed forms & stamped envelopes as well as a copy of my report to all who contri[bute] to it, also if the district is not …. on the map which I think yours is not.

I send Rain gauges if accepted on the usual conditions: copy enclosed. I send copy of last published Rain report under separate cover.

Yours truly
H. C. Russell