Letter by H C Russell, 13 March 1871

Letter by H C Russell, 13 March 1871
Letter by H C Russell, 13 March 1871

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13 March Observatory [1872]

Dear Sir

I was just about writing to you re returns when your letter came. I am sorry you should think that perhaps I considered New Caledonia of secondary importance. I would not have sent you the instruments had I done so. If you have ?? that they were not published, it is simply because they do not come in time for the monthly report and we are now working up the annuals and yours with the others. New Caledonia is an important point in the system which ?? to carry out and I would very much like to publish the obs monthly, if you could send them and as to get the return ….?? ?? and corrected manually occupies from 3 to 4 ?? if you could send the return within that time I could manage it. I mention this because now you have steam ?? perhaps it is possible.

I am much obliged for the obs about the hurricane and have sent it to the Herald. i.e. the ?? of it. I should very much like to know anything else you may hear about it as to where else it was experienced and when: during the time we had nothing but light easterly wind and high Barometer?? and it would be very interesting if possible to have the hurricane as such storms doubtless form part of that system of winds which give us ?? and easterly gales. I do hope you will not tire in the cause of meteorology, if there is one science more than another which demands patient labor, that science is meteorology.

As to my long silence; I have had so much to do with the eclipse expedition preparation for it and (since my return) working up arrears that I have been obliged to put off all but the most urgent demands on my time. but missing your returns I have for some time past been seeking an opportunity to write.

You have more variation in temperature than I should have expected from my recent trip to the north, but the Barometer is very steady as I expected. My last return from you is October 1871 which and the previous return the rainfall is almost identical with Sydney but in August you had two inches while we had less than ½ an inch.

Yours very truly
H C Russell

A. Hughan Esqre

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