Letter by H A Lenehan, 31 March 1887

Letter by H A Lenehan, 31 March 1887

Letter by H A Lenehan, 31 March 1887
Letter by H A Lenehan, 31 March 1887

Sydney Observatory

March 31st 1887


Dear Sir

Replying to your of the 28th inst the Walcha evaporation is the average annual evaporation for the last four years. It seems excessive but the conditions under which the record is made are not the same as a tank or waterhole the record is made from a can which has its sides exposed to the sun and wind and gives a greater reading, but it is the only result in your locality.

You are correct in the assumption that with water as 1.000.

Grassed earth will be 0.860.

And bare earth will be 0.688.

I will be glad if you will undertake to have the two rain gauges forwarded today placed with the people you name Taylor and Perreth as they are in localities which will be valuable.

With regard to your own offer I have not more rain gauges than I can place to more advantage at present as the Department of Mines require for the tanks. [??] If it had not been that Armidale and Evaleigh only a few miles from [??] had them sent their records I would have been very glad to get your services.

Should you on the return of Mr. Russell at the end of this year still wish to take the observations he may be glad to avail himself of the opportunity.

I send a cutting from the map and will be glad if you will give the names of the localities and the positions If not marked correctly.

I am dear sir
Yours truly
H A Lenehan
Acting for Astronomer

P.S. Two forms of conditions herewith

S A Donnelly Esquire
Superintendent Roads, Armidale