Letter by W Scott, 16 April 1858

Letter by W Scott, 16 April 1858
Letter by W Scott, 16 April 1858

Observatory Sydney
April 16th 1858



I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of April 1st with meteorological returns commencing March 12th not March 1st as stated in the letter. If you have made observations from 1st to 11th inclusive please send them without delay.

You had better hang the ?? thermometer a little higher so as to ?? adjust the board to prevent shaking; the Solar radiation thermometer cannot be so secured but care must be taken to keep it a little inclined so that the Quicksilver may not run up too high.

Please register the tenths of sky covered with clouds at the time of observation.

As your first return commences in March 1st I cannot certify for the Salary earlier than March 1st but will you send your Abstract with letter of appointment at the end of the next quarter certified for 4 months.

I am Sir
Your obedient servant
W Scott

W Brayden (??)
Cape Moreton