Letter by H C Russell, 23 April 1892

Letter by H C Russell, 23 April 1892
Letter by H C Russell, 23 April 1892


April 23 1892


Certain necessary additions to the furniture of the Observatory consequent upon the alterations and additional rooms made last year were not made for want of funds. And I have now the honour to request that these additions to the furniture may now be made. They are urgently required and the room made into a library cannot be used for want of the necessary bookcases &c

The furniture wanted is as follows
(1) Bookcases table chairs & gas fire for Library.-
(2) To repair the oil cloth on floors of two rooms in the North Dome
(3) To cover the floors of two new rooms with oil cloth or Linoleum.
(4) To put down old carpets in Library and small computing room
(5) To put new carpet in Mr Leneham’s room in place of one worn out, and a carpet in Mr Sellors room in place of oil-cloth worn out.
(6) General repairs to messengers quarters: nothing has been done to them for six years and the repairs are urgently needed.

I have the honour to be
Your obedient Servant
H. C. Russell
Govt Astronomer

The Under Secretary for Public Instruction