UFO over Sydney? No it’s just a vapour trail.

Contrails, condensation trails or vapour trails are all the same stunning phenomena visible in the sky caused by aeroplanes.

As hot water vapour leaves aeroplane engines at high altitudes it comes into contact with the cold atmosphere and pushes it past the vapour point. The vapour then condenses into small drops of water and can freeze, the effect of which is to create a cloud that trails the plane.

If the trails are seen around the time of sunrise or sunset they can take on a wonderful golden colour and if seen off in the distance making them look low near the horizon they can look just like the common misconception of a comet.




4 responses to “UFO over Sydney? No it’s just a vapour trail.

    • Hi Helen,
      Some people do call these chem trails but we think the better term is vapour trail or condensation trail which is usually shortened to “con-trail”.

  • Yeah. I saw one this evening around sunset here in Olathe, KS. U.S.A. It looked just like that – like a comet and golden trails like a spread out fan like trail. It looked awsome.I did an internet search and saw this note. Thanks for posting the picture and the explanation.

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