Letter by H C Russell, 17 May 1871

Letter by H C Russell, 17 May 1871

Letter by H C Russell, 17 May 1871
Letter by H C Russell, 17 May 1871


Sydney Observatory
17 May 1871

Dear Sir

I take the opportunity to send you some further notes about γ?? Argus. The enclosed paper contains the only print I have of a paper read before our Royal Society for the purpose of making known here the history of γ ?? and expressing my conviction with reference to it.

The three missing parts there alluded to I have looked for repeatedly and feel sure two at least are gone or at least so faded as not to be distinguishable from the general ground of the nebula; and the third from stars 71 and 72 is scarcely visible at all certainly much fainter than that about ?? γ?? itself

Since February a change appears to have taken place about the point at – 17” – 100” which now seems almost isolated by a sort of channel forming?? (so it would seem) on the preceding?? side of it and extending into the ?? north and south after/often ?? while examining of ?? ?? I have many times wished that your own reflector could again be turned to it, and settle the question of change it ?? for if I see correctly the changes and new stars are without a parallel in the history of astronomy.

I do not like to propose that it should again be used because I do not know whether circumstances would warrant it but if you should think of granting a reflector for ?? such a purpose, I would be only too glad to do everything in my power to assist and induce our Government to bear the expense. Having considerable classical knowledge I think I would erect it, and would be delighted to make the survey if entrusted with it.

Yours faithfully
H. C. Russell

Sir John Herschel