Letter by G R Smalley, 28 May 1870

Letter by G R Smalley, 28 May 1870
Letter by G R Smalley, 28 May 1870


Royal Observatory

May 28 1870


In reference to the annual Vote of £12 for Meteorological Observations at country stations. I have the honor to request that I may be authorized to distribute this vote in such proportions as I may deem most expedient for the scientific welfare of the Colony.

The Vote was first granted when there were 12 Stations only but recent alterations made especially at the request of the Agricultural Society render it expedient that there should now be about 50 Stations and I have decided to give a small retaining fee to each observer especially the Telegraph Stations a list of which you have already had.

You will perceive that this is not a special grant but an annual vote and the want of money from this Vote as well as the £50 placed on the supplementary Estimates for 1869 have thrown?? back the arrangements to which I have pledged myself and which I am repeatedly urged to complete.

I have the honor to be
Your obedient servant
George R Smalley

The Principal Under Secretary