Letter by H C Russell, 31 May 1871

Letter by H C Russell, 31 May 1871
Letter by H C Russell, 31 May 1871


Sydney Observatory

May 31st 1871

Dear Sir

I have to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your Weather Tables.

The leading principles may be clear enough to yourself but I have not yet been able to understand them, especially what is meant by Magnetism. It is an attracting or repelling force, or mostly a polar force in your theory, and what is the “law of an angle of direction of the attracting bodies” spoken of in the third paragraph of your Principles & Remarks.

I would suggest ?? like Mr Saxby you publish a work explaining your weather system, so that those who like myself are anxious to understand and fairly test it: may be able to do so.

I am not tied to any weather system. but am anxious to give all an impartial hearing, so that at least I may profit by the observations of those who form them.

Yours truly
H C Russell

G. W. Groves Esqre
Crown Lands Office



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