Deirdre’s wonderful sketch of the region near Crater Goldschmidt on the Moon’s northern edge

A sketch of the region near Crater Goldschmidt near the Moon's northern edge. Sketch by Deirdre Kelleghan

A sketch of the region near Crater Goldschmidt near the Moon’s northern edge. Sketch by Deirdre Kelleghan

Irish artist and keen amateur astronomer Deirdre Kelleghan provides the wonderful sketch above of the area near Crater Goldschmidt. This 113-km wide crater lies in the Moon’s northern highlands. Nearby rays are the material ejected by the impact that created Crater Anaxagoras on its eastern rim. The crater is named after the German-French astronomer Hermann Goldschmidt who discovered 14 asteroids and, most appropriately, was also a painter.

Deirdre writes:

February 28th / March 1st 2010 23:20 UT – 00 :35 UT
200 mm Dobsonian Telescope FL 1,200
8mm TVP eyepiece = 150X
Goldschmidt rays and the Moons North limb

South is up in this sketch because that is the way I viewed it and sketched it. Pastels & Conte on black paper.

Our beautiful Snow moon was 99 .9 % drenched in the suns light when I went observing on the last day in February 2010. Along the NW limb several craters were on view in the libration zone [the zone at the edge of the Moon that is only sometimes visible – Nick], it was my intention to make a sketch of these elusive features. They presented on the limb as dark deep long shadows edged with sharp bright lines against the blackness of space.

However while these were interesting, my eye was magnetized toward the brightness of Goldschmidt and its ejecta rays, giving great form to the area. Several of these long dark lines were also on view on the edge of the limb close to Goldschmidt and Herschel . It was so visually interesting to observe the contrasts on the limb when the moon was so full, a black and white merry dance of slow movement and rich structure.

Plato never looked so dark and flat, its black floor absorbing the suns light when most of the surrounding area was throwing it toward my eye. I adored the tiny pure white rim sections singing in the light. My sketch wandered across part of Mare Frigoris, the area around Plato and includes part of Mons Teneriffe.

Deirdre Kelleghan

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