Transit of Venus – video highlights

June 8, 2012

The following has been edited from the video that was shot from Sydney Observatory’s north dome through a Skywatcher 500mm telescope with an Optical Density 5 Filter, which was live-streamed for the duration of the transit of Venus – from 8.16am to 2.44pm on Wednesday 6 June 2012.

Here are some highlights, edited by Felix Warmuth from the Powerhouse Museum’s Audio-Visual Department – there is a longer (17 mins 33 secs) and a shorter (2 mins 43 secs) video. Both are below.

The longer (17 mins 33 secs) one is here:

There were sections when cloud cover hid the Sun – but that only increased the suspense, wonder and appreciation when the Sun re-emerged from behind the clouds. The night before had been a deluge of rain – so we were delighted at just how much of the transit was visible from Sydney. The main team members from Sydney Observatory / Powerhouse Museum who made the video stream possible were: Toner Stevenson, Geoffrey Wyatt, Dan Collins, Owen Conlan, Felix Warmuth, Michael Mitchell, Chris Bell and Zoltan Nemes-Nemeth.

The shorter (2 mins 43 secs) one is here:


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