Monty and Nick photograph the partial eclipse of 10 May 2013

Partial solar eclipse 10 May 2013_9_15 am_hydrogen alpha_Monty Leventhal

The partial eclipse of 10 May 2013 photographed in the red light of hydrogen atoms at 9:15 am AEST. North is down and west is to the right. A number of small prominences are visible along the edge of the Sun. Photo and copyright Monty Levental OAM ©, all rights reserved. Supported by the Donovan Astronomical Trust

The eclipse of 10 May 2013 that was annular along a track passing across northern Australia and partial elsewhere in the country has been and gone. It has left a legacy of fine photographs such as the magnificent mid-eclipse shot from Melissa Hulbert from whom more photos are expected. The partial eclipse from those not on the eclipse track was also most impressive with good weather over much of the country.

Partial eclipse 10 May 2013_8_41 am_Nick Lomb

The Sun partially covered by the Moon just before mid-eclipse at 8:41 am on 10 May 2013. The photograph was obtained by hand-holding a compact digital camera to the eyepiece of a small telescope – parfocal photography. A Baader film neutral density filter was in front of the objective or large lens of the telescope – this filter does not change the colour of the sunlight and hence the photograph does not show the attractive but false colour provided by some other filters. Photograph Nick Lomb

Now that the 10 May 2013 solar eclipse is over we have to wait until next year 2014 for more eclipse photo opportunities. April 2014 will be a great month with both an eclipse of the Moon – on the evening of the 15th – and a partial eclipse of the Sun two weeks later. In the meantime there are other events in the sky that could be photographed with simple equipment such as Jupiter and the Moon on the evening of Sunday 12 May 2013 and the planetary groupings low in the west later in May.


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