Daily cosmobite: Comet ISON nears the Sun

Comet ISON model_Michael SadlonThe much talked about Comet ISON is now racing towards its close approach to the Sun on the early morning of 29 November 2013 (Australian time). It has brightened somewhat in recent days, but as yet scientists do not know how bright it will be before and after that close approach nor whether the comet will survive its encounter with the Sun. Over the next few mornings it may still be possible to view the comet in the dawn sky (for where to look please see this previous blog post), but it is getting increasingly difficult as it gets closer to the Sun. After the encounter with the Sun the comet moves into the northern sky and out of view for those of us in the southern hemisphere.

The Comet ISON interactive model provides an excellent visualisation of the path of Comet ISON as it approaches and then passes the Sun. Courtesy Michal Sadlon.

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