Daily cosmobite: autumn is here

1_tree_Nick LombToday is first day of autumn in Australia, where it is traditional to change the seasons at the beginning of the month. This is unlike most other countries where the seasons are based on the astronomical dates of the summer and winter solstices and the spring and autumn equinoxes.

After fast growth spurts in summer, trees and plants become less active in autumn. Photo Nick Lomb


2 responses to “Daily cosmobite: autumn is here

  • Hi Nick, would we be better off following the others? It would take into account earth’s axis, rotation etc ?..

    • Hi Klim. Thanks for your question, but the only thing that we need take into account is the Australian climate. A summer made up of December, January and February seems to match our climate as the hottest days in the year do tend to occur in the middle of the period. In addition, summer starting at the beginning of January is the local tradition and there is no reason to follow that of another country or continent.

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