Daily cosmobite: astronomer’s birthday

28_Oort cloud_NASA_SpaceplaceDutch astronomer Jan Hendrik Oort was born on this day in 1900. He is best known for proposing that there are a large number of comets circling the Sun far beyond the outer planets. The Oort cloud, as it is now called, is the origin of most of the comets that pass through the inner region of the Solar System.

A sketch showing the Oort cloud surrounding the solar system. Courtesy NASA


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  • He might be famous for this, but his greatest work proved that the Milky Way galaxy rotates and was not static but dynamic in nature. He did this by analyzing the movements of high proper motion stars. This idea was first postulated in 1927 by Bertil Lindblad. Its great implication lead to understanding galaxy evolution constrained to the age of the universe.

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