Daily cosmobite: partial Sun eclipse

29_partial phase of 14 November 2012 eclipse_Nick LombTwo weeks ago at full Moon there was a total eclipse of the Moon, while this afternoon at new Moon we have a partial eclipse of the Sun. From most places in Australia the eclipse ends with the setting of the Sun still in eclipse. Take care and do not look at the Sun directly. Full details on the Astronomical Society of Australia’s website.

Sydney Observatory is holding an event for safe viewing of the eclipse plus providing live stream video, clouds permitting.

The partial phase of the 14 November 2012 total solar eclipse. Image Nick Lomb


2 responses to “Daily cosmobite: partial Sun eclipse

    • Clouds are always the risk with ground-based astronomy, Roberto. At least this was not a total eclipse. If the 22 July 2028 total eclipse of the Sun visible from Sydney gets clouded out that would be a tragedy!

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