Daily cosmobite: Canopus

12_Finding Canopus_Sky GuideThis bright star is in the south-west in the early evening. We can locate it easily by extending a line through two of the stars of the Southern Cross, Gamma, the highest one in the sky, and Delta, the one on the right or west, and the first bright star the line meets is Canopus.

Finding Canopus. Chart 2014 Australasian Sky Guide


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    • Hello Berrill. The chart with this Daily cosmobite was drawn for Sydney at 6 pm, just as it became dark. At Narrabri two hours or so later, the chart would provide a good approximation to the sky; just note that the Southern Cross, marked Crux, would have rotated to the right, to a more vertical position. The basic idea of using a line drawn through the top two stars of the Cross to find Canopus would still work.

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