Daily cosmobite: Woomera approaches

The path of 11195 Woomera around the Sun. Courtesy NASA/JPLSpace rock or asteroid 11195 Woomera circles the Sun every 3½ years between the paths of Mars and Jupiter. Discovered by amateur astronomer Frank Zoltowski in January 1999 and named after the remote site in South Australia where he lives, the asteroid is making its closest approach to the Earth for the year at a distance of 231 million km.

The path of 11195 Woomera around the Sun. Courtesy NASA/JPL

2 responses to “Daily cosmobite: Woomera approaches

  • I think I saw it tonight, Thursday July 10 , 10.00 pm approx, it was incredibly clear , looked like a big, slow shooting star arcing across the western sky before disappearing from view under the horizon . Moving sth to north, it seemed to have a pale ball head, then a streak of light, a big bright ball in the centre then a long tail. Was visible for about a minute. So amazing!!! Wow

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