Something Strange In The Sky Today

Calls started early this morning (2014, September 18) about a strange round object in the sky. At first it was hard to pin-point the exact location as direction of the object relative to the Sun and Moon were different depending on the caller’s location. We had reports of it to the north, south, east and between the Sun and the Moon.

Sydney Observatory staff located the object high in the south western sky (as seen from our location) and took a peek first with binoculars and then in the telescope. The result is seen below in this image captured by Geoff Wyatt on his compact camera. The object appears to be a weather balloon.

It’s wonderful to see Sydney-siders are such good observers of the sky both day and night!

Weather Balloon over Sydney
Causing quite a stir over Sydney this morning was this weather balloon. Image Geoff Wyatt © MAAS, Sydney

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