2014-10-8 Total lunar eclipse

Thanks to everyone who attended our Lunar Eclipse event on Wednesday 8 October. Most people managed a glimpse of the eclipsed or partially eclipsed Moon through the cloud. Thanks to Griffith Observatory a live feed was able to be viewed from Los Angeles. Those that left Sydney city did have better viewing conditions.

The Moon moved into Earth’s shadow at 8.15pm and was immersed by 9.25pm. Totality ended at 10.25pm with the Moon finally leaving the Earth’s shadow at 11.35pm.

After a very cloudy totality, we saw the end of the eclipse clear and beautiful to the eye.

Lunar Eclipse photo by Geoff Wyatt, 8 October 2014
Lunar Eclipse photo by Geoff Wyatt, 8 October 2014

Keep in touch and lets us know about your eclipse experience via Sydney Observatory Facebook or @sydneyobs Twitter. Have a look at the Astronomical Society of Australia’s Fact Sheet written by Dr Nick lomb, Sydney Observatory’s retired but still active curator of astronomy. Dr Andrew Jacob will be at Sydney Observatory directing the live feed.



Moon in eclipse photographed by Melissa Hulbert
Melissa Hulbert, Sydney Observatory, took this image of Moon in eclipse showing the spectacular red colour.