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25-04-2015 ANZAC Program : Sky over Gallipoli

Geoffrey Hargrave : MAAS Collection object P2903-9/17. Gift of William Hudson Shaw, 1974.

On the ANZAC weekend and through to the 24th May Sydney Observatory is turning back the clock, and changing our latitude and longitude in the planetarium to recreate the sky as it appeared to the troops as they landed at Anzac Cove. We will watch the Southern Cross sink in the South and then the Moon set in the West. We will notice the stars in the dark sky, until the sun rises and reveals the steep landscape over the beach. Find out about Sydney Observatory’s connection to the Gallipoli landings through the story of Geoffrey Hargrave¬†told by curator Debbie Rudder.

1:05pm Planetarium: Sky tonight and sky over Gallipoli on ANZAC Day (weekends only)
2:30pm Planetarium: Sky tonight and sky over Gallipoli on ANZAC Day

All tours are 30mins and include a visit to a telescope dome.

Tour cost: $10 adult, $8 conc, $26 family
Members: $8 adult, $6 conc, $22 family
Visitors to the National Trusts S.H. Irvin Gallery special exhibition ‘Your friend the enemy’ are admitted half price with voucher.

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