June 30, 2015 – A busy day in the solar system!

What is it about June 30? Everything is happening at once!

The EOFY sales are on, our thoughts turn to tax returns and the coolest days of the year are approaching.

And in 2015 we also have…

Pluto momentarily hides (or occults) a faint star in the constellation Sagittarius. This happened at 0253am EAST.

It’s Asteroid Day, although there is some scepticism about the need for such a day.

Jupiter and Venus are almost at their closest in the western sky – get your binoculars out to see the crescent of Venus, mighty Jupiter and his moons all at once.

And to wrap up the day a leap second will be added – although this actually occurs at 10am on July 1st EAST.

Perhaps we need the extra time!

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