Deirdre sets out to catch an Active Region but comes home with a Hedgrerow

Sun.2015May13.Low res
A hedgerow prominence on the Sun, May 13, 2015. Pastels and Conte on black paper. Deirdre Kelleghan, Co Wicklow Ireland. Photo and copyright Deirdre Kelleghan ©, all rights reserved

Deirdre Kelleghan is a regular contributor to this blog. Recently she sent us this lovely sketch of the Sun. Most astronomical objects have a more or less static appearance. Our Moon shows regular changes in shape and the planets moons’ change position. But the Sun presents an ever changing face – every day there is something new and interesting to see. With an H-alpha filter the view is particularly fascinating.

As Deirdre explains,

May 13th I went out to sketch Active Region 2339 in h-alpha but when I saw this massive Hedgerow type prominence on the limb it had to be done.

The sketch was made at 13:33UT on May 13, 2015 at Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. Deirdre used a PST 40mm H-alpha telescope with an 8mm eyepiece giving a magnification of 50x. The sketch is pastels and Conte on black paper.

Hedgerow prominences, as their name implies, are groups of solar prominences lined up along the Sun’s limb that together resemble a hedge – some better kept than others!

Deirdre Kelleghan is an artist, astronomer and educator and a regular contributor to the Sydney Observatory blog.


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