Earth Hour 2016: A display of good lighting

Being located in the centre of a big city Sydney Observatory suffers the effects of light pollution – the sky is just never truly dark and the Milky Way is no longer visible. But it doesn’t have to be as bad as it is. Good lighting puts the light where it is needed, uses only as much light as is needed and uses the right colours of light.

At Earth Hour this year, March 19 2016, the Sydney Outdoor Lighting Society (SOLIS) will demonstrate good lighting practice.

SOLIS will demonstrate two architecturally designed, quality LED street lighting fixtures (or luminaires) that are ready to retrofit on existing poles. One fitting will suit all lighting applications suitable for suburban streets, main roads and cycle ways, i.e with powers ranging from 24 to 140 LED Watts. The viewer will be able to compare warm LED light (yellowish colours) and colder white LED light. SOLIS will be also demonstrate how to control glare intrusion and reduce light pollution.

The main point of the display is to show how a conventional 80W high-intensity discharge (HID) fitting can be replaced with one LED using just 24W of electricity. Good lighting, if carefully selected and installed not only saves electricity it can bring back the Milky Way!

If you missed out on tickets for this year’s Earth Hour I’ll report back next week on the display.


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