Which part of the sky are the seven new planets in?

Look to the west to see where the seven new planets and their star TRAPPIST-1 are located. Image made using Stellarium.


You may have heard about the seven new planets announced recently  (February 2017) around a faint red dwarf star now known as TRAPPIST-1. But where in the sky are they located?

There is no chance of actually seeing the star, let alone the planets, by eye. Even with your average telescope you would not be able to see the star. But you can find the part of the sky to look towards!

Just after sunset over the next few days (late February) look West. Now find Venus – its about two hand spans to the right and one hand span up from the horizon. Venus is at its brightest at present so it should be easy to find. Now, TRAPPIST-1 is three quarters of the way back from Venus towards the Sun. Easy!

You’re now looking out of our solar system, past our neighbouring planet Venus, towards one of the most remarkable exo-planetary systems yet discovered.


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