Vote and help MAAS win the Museum Dance Off!

When You Work At a Museum….

This is the 4th year of Museum Dance Off and the 3rd year MAAS (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences) has entered.
Museums from around the world enter to showcase the diversity of their museum and staff as well as to shatter the “museums are stuffy, boring places” stereo-type. Our entry features all three of MAAS’ sites – Sydney Observatory, Powerhouse Museum and Museums Discovery Centre.
This year there were 41 museums in the running and now it’s down to the final 4 and we’ve made it! We are up against some tough completion and need your help!
Please watch our video at When You Work At a Museum and vote for us. You can vote as many times as you like but only until 10pm tonight!
Let’s try and pull a victory for MAAS and Australia!

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