June 2017 Skywatchers Meeting

The monthly meeting of Sydney City Skywatchers, the local amateur astronomy group affiliated with MAAS, is held in the Discovery Room at Sydney Observatory on the first Monday of each month. Meetings include a special presentation from a guest speaker, information about upcoming events, member’s reports and astronomy news. Meetings commence at 6:30pm and non-members are welcome to attend for a donation of $5. Learn more about Skywatchers.

Next Meeting is Monday June 5, 2017

Speaker: Prof. Richard Hunstead,  “How I search for galaxy clusters!”

Galaxy Cluster Abell 1689 Deflects Light
Galaxy Cluster Abell 1689 Deflects Light. NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), and J. Blakeslee (NRC Herzberg, DAO) & H. Ford (JHU)


Speaker Bio:

Professor Dick HunsteadProfessor Hunstead researches astronomy and teaches physics to students at the University of Sydney, his career spans over 4 decades and he is currently Director of the Molonglo Radio telescope:

“I was lucky to join the university just at the time radio astronomy was an up-and-coming science, which offered a different way of viewing the cosmos. It was a thrill during my PhD to work with the Mills Cross radio telescope, then one of the newest instruments to change the face of the discipline.”

He has made several important discoveries and published over 200 articles, with quasars, black holes, galaxy formation and evolution just some of his areas of interest. He is a member and former head of the Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIfA) at the University of Sydney. The minor planet 171429 Hunstead is named in his honour.

Richard is also a long-time supporter of Sydney Observatory.

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