Sun, Moon and Earth Align

Earlier this week, the Sun, Moon and Earth aligned to produce a spectacular total solar eclipse. Millions of people across the USA watched in awe as the partial phase ended and the brilliant diamond ring heralded the start of totality.

The Diamond Ring heralds the start of totality.
Photo and copyright Melissa Hulbert ©, all rights reserved.


After a last minute look at the weather my friends Toner and Ron Stevenson and myself headed for Warm Springs, north of Madras and a little north of the centreline. Not quite at Warm Springs we saw the smoke haze on the horizon from bushfires still lingering even though this wasn’t predicted and decided to stay a little north of Warm Springs. This proved a wise decision and we found a great place to observe from along with a few others including some locals from Portland, British Columbians, French , New Zealanders and even a couple of fellow Australians.
Perfect skies provided a spectacular eclipse with a few good prominences visible. Totality was once again over all too quickly. For a few of our observing companions this was their first eclipse and all agreed it was a wonderful site and wished they had seen one before now.

Photo and copyright Melissa Hulbert ©, all rights reserved.


Many left after totality but a few of us remained until the end of the eclipse. After such a wonderful eclipse, we are already talking about the next eclipse in 2019 – South America here we come!

4 responses to “Sun, Moon and Earth Align

  • Hi Glen, it was great to meet you at our eclipse site and share this experience, thanks to Mel for again selecting an amazing site for viewing and providing excellent guidance for photography etc. We also enjoyed the company of our French observers Elisa and Laurent and hope to have many future opportunities to gather for this type of event.

    • Thanks Glen,
      It was a wonderful eclipse.
      Great to meet a fellow Australian in the middle of Oregon at the same observing site!

  • Roll on the total solar eclipse of 22 July 2028, when the centre of the path of totality will run very close to the Sydney CBD.

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