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Letter by H C Russell, 19 November 1875

November 19, 2008

788 19 Nov 5 My dear Mr Simms I hope by the time this reaches you the Transit Circle will be finished and packed for shipment. My need for it is now greater than ever indeed work for our Trigonometrical Survey is waiting until we get it.

Letter by H C Russell, 17 November 1875

November 17, 2008

787 17 Nov 5 Dear Sir Early in the previous year it was decided to build a small observatory in the grounds here enclosed. When I left for England, I fully expected the building would have been put up at once: but it has not been done yet.

Letter by H C Russell, 17 November 1875

November 17, 2008

786 17 Novr 5 My dear Adams I have three round Transit of Venus canvas tents here, which are of no use to the Observatory. If you can make use of them for survey, it would make a trifle on the other side of the Earth.

Letter by H C Russell, 26 October 1870

October 26, 2008

172 Sydney Observatory 1870 26 October 1870 My dear Adams We estimate the weight of Standard Bar and moving part of platform as between 4 & 5 cwt. The Tower part of platform is cemented to the floor and it would be a pity to take it up if I am to ??

Letter by W Scott, 18 October 1861

October 18, 2008

61/45 Observatory Sydney Oct 18th 1845 Dear Sir I rejoice to hear that the office lately vacated by Professor Challis has been so well filled up. There is now on its way to England for the Cambridge Observatory a copy of Sydney Observations for 1860.

Letter by H C Russell, 10 October 1870

October 10, 2008

152 October 10 0 My dear Adams I have hurriedly constructed a Hemisphere of the principal southern stars something like the plan. I some time since intended to publish this one is not sufficiently accurate for that purpose but I think it will enable you to pick out the different stars.

Letter by H C Russell, 5 October 1870

October 5, 2008

Oct 5 70 My dear Adams I am sorry I did not know you were in Sydney for I would have come to see you which I wanted to do very much. I had a letter from Mr Ellery the other day and he wants his Standard Bar Comets ??