Letter by H C Russell, 20 May 1871

May 20, 2009

394 Sydney Observatory 20 May 1871 Dear Sir I have the pleasure herewith to forward copies of printed results of the Sydney Observatory. Few Astronomical Results have been published recently the late Astronomer devoted himself chiefly to the Base Line operations of the Trigonometrical Survey of the Colony and the transit instrument is much inferior to the one at Melbourne so the results are not deemed worth publishing.

Letter by H C Russell, 17 May 1871

May 17, 2009

387-388 Sydney Observatory 17 May 1871 Dear Sir I take the opportunity to send you some further notes about γ?? Argus. The enclosed paper contains the only print I have of a paper read before our Royal Society for the purpose of making known here the history of γ ??

Letter by H C Russell, 6 June 1871

June 6, 2008

Sydney Observatory June 6th 1871 My dear Mr Tebbutt The enclosed paper contains some notes which belong to the observatory on Argus. You will see that I have only spoken of your published results and not of the very interesting point of the annual variable of which you wrote to me, as I was not sure that you had made it public.