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Letter by H C Russell, 13 May 1863

May 13, 2009

Observatory May 13th 1863 Sir I have the honor herewith to forward the estimate of the probable cost of repairs to the observatory buildings for the year 1864, furnished by the colonial architect.

Letter by W Scott, 11 May 1857

May 11, 2009

29 The Astronomer to the Colonial Secretary respecting Meteorological Observatory at Parramatta 11 Macquarie St. South Sydney May 11th 1857 57/57 Sir I have the honour to inform you that I have established a Meteorological Observatory at the Lunatic Asylum Parramatta, and appointed provisionally to the office of Observer, with a salary of ₤20 per annum, Mr. Statham the Storekeeper, who seems particularly well qualified for the office.

Letter by W Scott, 6 May 1857

May 6, 2009

22 The Astronomer to The Hon. The Colonial Secretary enclosing Estimates for 1858 11 Macquarie St. South May 6th 1857 57/44 Sir The enclosed Estimates though necessarily vague and inaccurate will not I trust prove very incorrect.

Letter by G R Smalley, 5 May 1870

May 5, 2009

68 Royal Observatory May 5 1870 Sir I have the honor to request that the Colonial Secretary will be pleased to approve of my disposing of the annual vote of £120 for the purpose of taking Meteorological Observations in different parts of the Colony in such proportions and in such places as I may think it expedient for the Publick benefit without limitation for a first scale of remuneration for each individual observer Voucher for each payment with details being returned to the Treasury as usual.

Letter by W Scott, 1 May 1857

May 1, 2009

15 The Astronomer to The Honourable The Colonial Secretary respecting leave of Absence. 11 Macquarie St South Sydney May 1st 1857 57/37 Sir In reply to your letter of 30th April I beg to state that it was my intention to establish the Observatory at Parramatta before leaving Sydney; also that to establish those at Maitland and Goulburn would occasion a considerable waste of time and money, as I must pass through Goulburn on my return from Melbourne via Deniliquin, Albury, Cooma, Goulburn & Bathurst; and must pass through Maitland on my road to Armidale.

Letter by W Scott, 25 April 1857

April 25, 2009

11 Macquarie Street South Sydney April 25th 1857 57/32 Sir I have the honor to inform you that I have this day received a letter from the Colonial Secretary's Office in which it is stated that authority has been given for the payment of my allowance for house rent out of the sum voted for unforeseen expenses.

Letter by W Scott, 22 April 1857

April 22, 2009

9 The Astronomer to The Hon. The Colonial Secretary requesting leave of absence 11 Macquarie St South Sydney April 22 1857 57/31 Sir Understanding that many weeks may elapse before some of the Instruments for the distant Stations reach their destinations, I propose to take the opportunity of visiting the other Australian colonies, principally on my own account but in some degree with a view to the public service.

Letter by W Scott, 18 April 1857

April 18, 2009

The Astronomer to the Colonial Secretary respecting travelling expenses 57/25 ?? Macquarie St South Sydney April 18th 1857 Sir Having ascertained that my travelling and personal expenses in establishing the Meteorological Observatories cannot be estimated at a lower sum than £1.10 per day I beg to request that that sum be allowed to me during the time which I may be ??

Letter by H C Russell, 20 March 1863

March 20, 2009

Observatory March 20th/63 Sir I have the honor to inform you, that I have received no reply to my letter February 29, 1863, requesting authority to pay out of the vote for contingent services for 1863, an outstanding claim of 1862 to the amount of one pound, 18 shillings for contingent services.

Letter by H C Russell, 27 February 1863

February 27, 2009

Observatory February 27 1863 Sir I have the honor to inform you that in accordance with the late astronomers instructions I advanced, for necessary work one pound eighteen schillings and no pence to the "Contingent" fund of the observatory in excess of the vote for 1862 for that purpose, under the impression that I should be paid out of the vote for 1863, but I find special authority will be required for this.

Letter by W Scott, 19 February 1858

February 19, 2009

The Astronomer respecting printing meteorological returns 58/33 11 Macquarie Street South Feb 19 1858 Sir The question of printing the returns from the meteorological observatories having been referred to me for further consideration, I beg to state that it is highly desirable that they should be printed.

Letter by W Scott, 15 February 1861

February 15, 2009

Astronomer requesting leave of absence Observatory Sydney Feb 15 1861 61/6 Sir I have the honor to request leave of absence during such portions of the months of March and April as may least interfere with the business of the Observatory.

Letter by G R Smalley, 1 February 1871

February 1, 2009

1 Government Observatory February 1st 1869 Sir I have the honor to Submit for the consideration of the Colonial Secretary some further explanations in Reference to My Communication of the 11th ??.

Letter by G R Smalley, 13 January 1870

January 13, 2009

61 Royal Observatory Sydney Jany. 13. 1870 Sir In reference to your Circular of the 11th inst I ?? the honor to inform you for the information of the Hon. The Colonial Secretary that the Sums required for my Department for the ??

Letter by W Scott, 3 January 1860

January 3, 2009

60/3 Observatory Sydney Jan 3 1860 Sir I have the honor to inform you that I am prepared to commence the publication of a Volume of Astronomical Observations for 1859??. The proposed volume will contain about 120 pages of Astronomical results in a Tabular form, and probably 30 pages of letter press.