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Astronomical report by H C Russell, 5 Jan 1891

January 5, 2009

Janry 5th 1891 Dear Sir With this I am sending you a report of our astronomical work during 1890 and I hope it may be in time for publication in …….. I fear the report I sent last year was too late for publication owing to my absence in ……………… You will see from the report that the clouds hindered us very much.

Letter by H C Russell, 2 January 1890/91?

January 2, 2009

56 Observatory 2 Janry 1890 (1891?) The Hon Secretary Royal Astronomical Society London Dear Sir Herewith I send for publication if the Council deems it worthy of that honour a list of double stars made in Sydney Observatory.

Letter by H C Russell, 6 September 1870

September 6, 2008

119 Government Observatory Sydney September 6 1870 Mr Browning Dear Sir I have just been appointed Astronomer for New South Wales and am very anxious to possess as soon as I can get it, a good spectroscope suitable for star or comet work.

Letter by W Scott, 17 July 1861

July 17, 2008

Observatory – Sydney July 17th 1861 My dear Sir In reply to your letter of June 1st the Equatorial has been now 6 weeks mounted and did some good work with the Comet. Differential observations of course – I read a paper to night to the Philosophical Society which will contain some account of the new Telescope; I will send you a copy as soon as printed.

Letter by W Scott, 21 June 1861

June 21, 2008

Observatory Sydney June 21st 1861 Dear Sir On 13th May a Comet was discovered by Mr Tebbutt, an amateur Astronomer of this Colony; a few minutes of arc West of 1250 B A Catalogue. I was not aware of the discovery until May 21st.