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Letter by W Scott, 10 May 1858

May 10, 2009

Observatory Sydney May 10th 1858 My Dear Sir I have to thank you for your letter of October 15th containing information as to size and price to equatorials. We should probably content ourselves with a seven inch Telescope accordingly being completed to spend the money at once or not at all, I have had the equatorial room built to carry a dome 17 feet diameter.

Letter by H C Russell, 28 December 1874

December 28, 2008

764 Govt Observatory 28th December 1874 Sir I have the honor to request authority to sell the following Instruments which are of no use to the Observatory now that the Transit of Venus is over. 5 inch telescope and stand 4¼ inch “ “ 10¾ inch silvered glass reflector & stand 2 small Equatorial stands 2 Temporary wooden observatories??

Letter by H C Russell, 30 October 1875

October 30, 2008

30 October 5 My dear Sir I acknowledge with many thanks your valuable letter of August 18th. It will I have no doubt induce the people here to take still more interest in astronomy, and it shall not be for want of effort on my part if we do not do our best future, especially with regard to the particular objects you mention.

Letter by H C Russell, 20 September 1870

September 20, 2008

135 Govt Observatory Sydney September 20 1870 Mr J Browning Dear Sir By last mail to England I wrote to you requesting you to send me a spectroscope suited to a Refracting Telescope of 7¼ aperture and 10 feet 4 inches focal length suited to general work but specially stars and comets also a glass prism 1¼ inch plane face for same instrument (Sun observations).

Letter by H C Russell, 6 September 1870

September 6, 2008

119 Government Observatory Sydney September 6 1870 Mr Browning Dear Sir I have just been appointed Astronomer for New South Wales and am very anxious to possess as soon as I can get it, a good spectroscope suitable for star or comet work.

Letter by W Scott, 17 July 1861

July 17, 2008

Observatory – Sydney July 17th 1861 My dear Sir In reply to your letter of June 1st the Equatorial has been now 6 weeks mounted and did some good work with the Comet. Differential observations of course – I read a paper to night to the Philosophical Society which will contain some account of the new Telescope; I will send you a copy as soon as printed.