Letter by H C Russell, 6 October 1870

October 6, 2008

150 October 6th 1870 Dear Sir I will pay the cost of covering the Evaporator. It is not necessary to bring it indoors when it rains and will interfere with the results, as it was intended to receive the rain and being like the rain gauge 8 inches in diameter to extract the weight of rain from the weight of Evaporator.

Letter by H C Russell, 23 September 1870

September 23, 2008

A closer view of the same letter: 137 Sept 23 0 Sir I forward by this mail a supply of forms which please use for Monthly Returns; if you do not receive a book before you are ready to begin use one of the forms for making your daily entry.

Letter by H C Russell, 5 September 1870

September 5, 2008

Govt Observatory Sept 5 1870 Sir When rain falls into the evaporator it is not necessary to reduce the weight to 12 lbs when the fall of rain should be more than sufficient to fill the evaporator which will seldom if ever occur.

Letter by H C Russell, 1 September 1870

September 1, 2008

109 Govt Observatory Sept 1st 1870 Dear Sir Amongst other letters left by the late astronomer and which I fear failing health prevented him from answering is yours of Janry 14 kindly forwarding meteorological information for which I take this opportunity of thanking you: more especially as you have furnished some information in reference to the wind which may help me in tracing our local winds.