Letter by H C Russell, 3 May 1871

May 3, 2009

378 Sydney Observatory 3 May 1871 My dear Mr Kraft Recently in going over old records of the Colony I found the following notice which may interest you. “John Buff – poisoned by eating toad fish at Parramatta April 20th 1821 – he died in 20 minutes after eating it.

Letter by H C Russell, 13 March 1871

March 13, 2009

591 and 592 13 March Observatory Dear Sir I was just about writing to you re returns when your letter came. I am sorry you should think that perhaps I considered New Caledonia of secondary importance.

Letter by H C Russell, 1 March 1901

March 1, 2009

532 March 1 John L Boyce Esquire Master Of Ship Somoena Dear Sir Our Time Ball at New Castle is dropped at 1pm Sydney zone time that is: exactly ten hours from Greenwich meantime. We drop at 1pm to give time to observe sun and correct clock, which then drops the ball and sends signals to Newcastle for five minutes to adjust Newcastle clock exactly.

Letter by H C Russell, 25 February 1871

February 25, 2009

312 Sydney Observatory 25th Feby 1871 Sir At Grafton the Southern Cross never sets a portion of the constellation always remaining above the horizon. In January the Cross passes the Meridian below the pole about 3pm and as soon as it is dusk may be seen just above the horizon to 332??.