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Letter by W Scott, 14 November 1860

November 14, 2008

60/41 Observatory Sydney Nov. 14 1860 My dear Sir The Clock has arrived and been set up but I cannot yet give any opinion as to its character. From your letter to Sir W Denison it appears that the Telescope will cost £3 x 232 say £700; with Clock £773 leaving £127 in your hands and £100 in mine.

Letter by W Scott, 10 November 1857

November 10, 2008

35 57/63 11 Macquarie St South Nov. 10th 1857 Sir I have much pleasure in offering you the office of Meteorological observer at Cooma, with a Salary of 20₤ per an commencing from the date of your first observations.

Letter by H C Russell, 6 November 1871

November 6, 2008

506 Govt Observatory 6 November Sir I have the honor to request an advance of £18–0–0 from the Vote for New Instruments 1871 to pay enclosed vouchers. I have the honor to be Sir Your obedient servant H C Russell Govt Astronomer The Under Secretary Finance and Trade

Letter by H C Russell, 28 October 1875

October 28, 2008

780 Observatory 28th October 1875 Sir Owing to the great increase in price of all astronomical Instruments the sum of £700 which I was authorized to spend on a New Transit Instrument was only enough for the Instrument without microscope.

Letter by H C Russell, 27 October 1870

October 27, 2008

27 October My dear Sir I am much obliged for the abstract of months for 1869 if you could give me the same for 1867 & 1868 I would be much obliged I have your Book to the end of 1866. Several evenings lately I have thought the southern sky looked auroral, but the continued dense clouds here prevented me from seeing anything and with the lurid light from the city at night and especially from some manufactory due south and near Botany it is very difficult to distinguish between the artificial and the real aurora.

Letter by H C Russell, 26 October 1870

October 26, 2008

172 Sydney Observatory 1870 26 October 1870 My dear Adams We estimate the weight of Standard Bar and moving part of platform as between 4 & 5 cwt. The Tower part of platform is cemented to the floor and it would be a pity to take it up if I am to ??

Letter by W Scott, 21 October 1857

October 21, 2008

57/61 11 Macquarie St. South Sydney Oct. 21st 1857 Sir In reply to your letter of 20th Inst I have the honour to inform you that no instruments have been ordered for the Observatory from Messrs Troughton and Simms; one Instrument has been sent to them for repairs at an estimated cost of ₤200, but I have had no advice of its being shipped for Sydney.

Letter by W Scott, 8 October 1860

October 8, 2008

....?? at Telegraph Stations Observatory Sydney Oct. 8 1860 60/31 Sir Understanding that a desire has been expressed on the part of the Telegraph department to establish Meteorological observations at some of the Telegraph Stations I have the honor to propose as follows – That the sets of Instruments now employed at the following stations, Albury, Armidale, Bathurst, Cooma, Deniliquin, Goulburn, Maitland, Parramatta, be removed to the Telegraph Stations at those or other places, and that it be made a part of the Telegraph clerk’s duty to take regular observations and transmit a monthly return to the Observatory.

Letter by H C Russell, 23 September 1870

September 23, 2008

A closer view of the same letter: 137 Sept 23 0 Sir I forward by this mail a supply of forms which please use for Monthly Returns; if you do not receive a book before you are ready to begin use one of the forms for making your daily entry.

Letter by H C Russell, 20 September 1870

September 20, 2008

135 Govt Observatory Sydney September 20 1870 Mr J Browning Dear Sir By last mail to England I wrote to you requesting you to send me a spectroscope suited to a Refracting Telescope of 7¼ aperture and 10 feet 4 inches focal length suited to general work but specially stars and comets also a glass prism 1¼ inch plane face for same instrument (Sun observations).

Letter by G R Smalley, 15 September 1869

September 15, 2008

33 Sept 15th 9 My dear Sir In my last but one I omitted a very important point ?? to have the nightcaps of the stones placed on the top after the pillars have been lodged on the foundations but I am afraid that the stone cutter here did not ??

Letter by H C Russell, 14 September 1863

September 14, 2008

Observatory Sydney Sept 14th 1863 John Barker Esqre “Walla” Sir I beg to inform you that your brother the late Dr Barker of Casino when he died held the appointment of Meteorological Observer at Casino and also, that several Instruments, namely a Mercurial Barometer a Maximum Thermometer a Thermometer Stand a Wind Vane and a Rain Gage with glass measure use by him, are the property of the Government of New South Wales.

Letter by H C Russell, 13 September 1870

September 13, 2008

128 Sept 13 0 The Station Master Kiandra Sir Previous to your taking charge of the Instruments at Kiandra they gave correct results. I have therefore thought it necessary to send you the enclosed instructions for observing Thermometers and request that you will be guided by them.

Letter by H C Russell, 6 September 1870

September 6, 2008

119 Government Observatory Sydney September 6 1870 Mr Browning Dear Sir I have just been appointed Astronomer for New South Wales and am very anxious to possess as soon as I can get it, a good spectroscope suitable for star or comet work.

Letter by H C Russell, 5 September 1870

September 5, 2008

Govt Observatory Sept 5 1870 Sir When rain falls into the evaporator it is not necessary to reduce the weight to 12 lbs when the fall of rain should be more than sufficient to fill the evaporator which will seldom if ever occur.