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Letter by H C Russell, 3 September 1870

September 3, 2008

112 Govt Observatory Sept 3 1870 Dear Sir I am sorry to hear such a bad account of the Max ‘Ther’??, none of those bought for the new stations were first class but the funds would only pay for such as they are.

Letter by H C Russell, 5 August 1891

August 5, 2008

184 August 5 1 Messrs Immish & Co London My dear Sir I do not know whether you remember making for me a small Dynamo in 1887, but perhaps this may recall the fact that you did. Well the Dynamo has been running ever since, supplying my small wants: and has given the greatest satisfaction and has never required any repairs, excepting …… the commutator.

Letter by W Scott, 29 July 1859

July 29, 2008

59/54 Observatory Sydney July 29th 1859 Sir I send you this day per ‘Jenny Lind’ the following packages for the proposed meteorological observatory at Rockhampton. 1 Case containing 4 thermometers, Observing Book Return sheets and Instructions 1 Case with Barometer 2 Packages thermometer stand – 1 Case with Vane The remaining Instruments namely Sun thermometer and Rain Gauge I am unable at present to obtain but hope to receive them from England in about two months when they will be forwarded – It is desirable that the observations with the Instruments now sent should be commenced as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made.

Letter by W Scott, 17 July 1861

July 17, 2008

Observatory – Sydney July 17th 1861 My dear Sir In reply to your letter of June 1st the Equatorial has been now 6 weeks mounted and did some good work with the Comet. Differential observations of course – I read a paper to night to the Philosophical Society which will contain some account of the new Telescope; I will send you a copy as soon as printed.

Letter by W Scott, 11 July 1860

July 11, 2008

Observatory Sydney July 11th 1860 60/25 Sir I am sorry to find that you are unable to perform the duties of the Meteorological Observer. With regard to the appointment of Mr Boardman I shall feel obliged if you will satisfy yourself respecting these points.

Letter by H A Lenehan, 6 July 1887

July 6, 2008

163/87 Sydney Observatory July 6th 1887 Sir In my letter of yesterday I mentioned you would receive an additional allowance for looking after the instruments now being forwarded you to date from ??

Letter by G R Smalley, 5 July 1869

July 5, 2008

July 5 9 Memo In reference to the appended documents the Astronomer has the honor to State 1st That the scales are urgently needed to assist in determining the Rainfall in different parts of the Colony.

Letter by W Scott, 24 June 1858

June 24, 2008

Observatory Sydney June 24th 1858 58/72 Sir In reply to your letter of 19th Inst I beg to state that your resignation of the office of Meteorological Observer at Albury is accepted. A certificate for salary from Janry 1st to June 30th 1858 will be forwarded to you on receipt of your return for June.

Letter by H C Russell, 21 June 1871

June 21, 2008

Sydney Observatory 21 June 1871 Sir In the name of a person named Patrick Moys who is now quarrying stones from the Flagstaff Reserve in Kent Street, applying for a Licence to blast stone at that place, I shall be glad if you will consider this letter as a protest against granting the License, for the following reasons (1) The stone is less than 100 feet from Kent Street (2) It shakes the Observatory to the great damage of the Instruments.