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Letter by H C Russell, 20 February 1891

February 20, 2009

156-157 Febry 20th My dear Capt Short By Steamer I am sending you 8 Raingauges at 7=₤2=1b=0 and 11 Raingauge glasses at ½ 0-12-10 cortagets steamer 0-1-2 total cost ₤ 3-10-0 I hope they will reach you in good order.

Letter by H C Russell, 18 November 1890

November 18, 2008

26 Observatory Sydney Nov 18th 90 My Dear Todd May I have the pleasure of introducing to you Mr E. Douglas Archibald. whom I have no doubt you know well by his writings on “The Unusual Optical Phenomena of the Atmosphere” following the Krakatoa eruption, and other valuable contributions to meteorology.