Letter by W Scott, 6 May 1857

May 6, 2009

22 The Astronomer to The Hon. The Colonial Secretary enclosing Estimates for 1858 11 Macquarie St. South May 6th 1857 57/44 Sir The enclosed Estimates though necessarily vague and inaccurate will not I trust prove very incorrect.

Letter by H C Russell, 7 April 1891

April 7, 2009

171 171 Observatory 7th April 1891 Sir I have the honour to report that it frequently happens when important weather changes are going on, that great inconvenience and loss of time are experience in the Observatory from the want of direct telegraphic communication with the Observer at Eden.

Letter by H C Russell, 27 January 1891

January 27, 2009

125 Observatory Janry 27 1891 Sir I have the honour to request authority to pay the Messenger at the Observatory the increased salary …. ₤120 provided on the estimates for 1891. His salary has been ₤110.

Letter by H C Russell, 17 December 1887

December 17, 2008

96 Observatory December 17th 1887 Sir In reply to your circular of December 14th calling for a reply to the question “What will be the total amount of permanent wages paid by the Observatory Department for the year 1887.

Letter by H A Lenehan, 17 November 1887

November 17, 2008

355/87 Mr Thomas Wade C/. Mr Lawrence Dwyer 37 Harrington St 17/11/87 Your note re messenger + carpenters’ intention to give up his position at the Observatory is the first intimation I have had on the subject, and you must be labouring under a mistake.

Letter by W Scott, 31 August 1859

August 31, 2008

59/61 Observatory Sydney August 31st 1859 Sir I have the honor to inform you that Alfred Herring was appointed Messenger to the Observatory on the 1st of July 1859 at a salary of £100 per annum in the place of Michael Cavanagh appointed temporarily for the month of June.

Letter by W Scott, 12 July 1858

July 12, 2008

Observatory Sydney July 12 1858 58/76 Sir I have the honour to inform you that in accordance with the Colonial Secretary’s letter 58/472 a copy of which accompanied my letter 58/57 of 30th April, John Davies who was temporarily engaged on April 1st 1858 as Messenger at the Observatory at 90£ per annum is now confirmed in that appointment at the rate of 100£ per annum the sum voted in the Legislative Assembly and authorized by the letter above mentioned.