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Old Perth Observatory: where science organised a state

March 12, 2012

Toner Stevenson
I visited Old Perth Observatory, located in King’s Park on Mt Eliza, a fabulous site with park and river views, in November 2011. The site is under the custodianship of the National Trust of Western Australia and the purpose of my visit was to see what remained of the Old Perth Observatory and look for evidence of the Astrographic Catalogue work as part of broader doctoral research for The University of Sydney Museum Studies Department.

Letter by H C Russell, 2 June 1873

June 2, 2009

2 June My dear Sir .... information.... salary.... if I can provide you with Instruments. But ?? with ?? as there are I believe only two in the colony both at the Observatory and the load is heavy.

Letter by H C Russell, 19 May 1871

May 19, 2009

392 Sydney Observatory 19 May 1871 Sir In acknowledging the receipt of your letter of the 13th Instant, I have the honor to inform that my letter was sent to the Station Master at Muswellbrook and not to the Traffic Manager at Newcastle.

Letter by W Scott, 2 May 1857

May 2, 2009

17 11 Macquarie St. South Sydney May 2d. 1857 57/39 Sir I am requested to inform you that there will be forwarded to you this day by the Colonial Storekeeper Sydney ten packages of Meteorological Instruments and stands addressed to the Police Magistrates of Albury and Deniliquin who will arrange for their conveyance from Melbourne to their destinations.

Letter by W Scott, 30 April 1857

April 30, 2009

14 57/36 11 Macquarie St. South Sydney April 30th 1857 Sir I beg to inform you that I have selected The Lunatic Asylum at Parramatta for the establishment of a Meteorological Observatory, and that you are appointed provisionally to the office of Observer at a salary of Twenty Pounds per annum from 1st May; such appointment being subject to the approval of the Government.

Letter by H C Russell, 17 March 1871

March 17, 2009

330 Sydney Observatory 17 March 1871 Dear Sir Mr Donaldson informed me that he has sent the meteorological Instruments I forwarded to him; to you and that you will forward the usual returns. I shall be very glad to receive from you such meteorological information as you may find time to send for the climate of Bourke is a matter of great interest from a scientific point of view – especially the amount of rain and the direction and force of the wind as these features are connected with the winds, and of course the climate of the whole Colony.

Letter by H C Russell, 20 February 1891

February 20, 2009

156-157 Febry 20th My dear Capt Short By Steamer I am sending you 8 Raingauges at 7=₤2=1b=0 and 11 Raingauge glasses at ½ 0-12-10 cortagets steamer 0-1-2 total cost ₤ 3-10-0 I hope they will reach you in good order.

Letter by H C Russell, 7 February 1871

February 7, 2009

275 Sydney Observatory 7 Feby 1871 Sir I have to request answers to the following questions (1) Did you receive a copy of “Instructions” about the same time you received the Meteorological Instruments?

Letter by H C Russell, 4 February 1871

February 4, 2009

266 Sydney Observatory 4 Feby My dear Sir I am very sorry to hear of your illness and hope that ere this you have recovered health again. I hope you have not misunderstood my not of Jan 31st.

Letter by W Scott, 29 December 1857

December 29, 2008

41 11 Macquarie St. South Sydney Dec. 29th 1857 57/69 Sir You will oblige me by some information on the following points 1st the safe arrival of the Meteorological Instruments. 2 What steps you have taken (if any) towards the establishment of the Observatory.

Letter by W Scott, 26 December 1857

December 26, 2008

11 Macquarie Street South Sydney Dec. 26th 1857 57/66 Sir Having been prevented from revisiting Maitland as I had intended I have to request that you will apply to me by letter for any information that you may require respecting the Meteorological Instruments or mode of observation.

Letter by H C Russell, 15 December 1890

December 15, 2008

36 Observatory 15th Dec 1890 Dear Mr Scott I am sending you an interviewers report of a talk with Wragge a few days since I thought you would like to see It as an instance of the way to work a reviewer.

Letter by H C Russell, 8 September 1870

September 8, 2008

122 Government Observatory Sydney September 8th 1870 Sir In reference to the proposed dedication of the land adjacent to the Observatory to the City Corporation for the use of the Citizens, I have the honor to report.

Letter by W Scott, 29 July 1859

July 29, 2008

59/54 Observatory Sydney July 29th 1859 Sir I send you this day per ‘Jenny Lind’ the following packages for the proposed meteorological observatory at Rockhampton. 1 Case containing 4 thermometers, Observing Book Return sheets and Instructions 1 Case with Barometer 2 Packages thermometer stand – 1 Case with Vane The remaining Instruments namely Sun thermometer and Rain Gauge I am unable at present to obtain but hope to receive them from England in about two months when they will be forwarded – It is desirable that the observations with the Instruments now sent should be commenced as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made.

Letter by H C Russell, 27 July 1871

July 27, 2008

456 Sydney Observatory 27 July 1871 Sir I have the honor to request that you will supply for the use of the Government Observatory the undermentioned Instruments one Portable Barometer one Anemometer one Pair of Thermometers one Packet??