meteorological instruments

Letter by H C Russell, 14 July 1871

July 14, 2008

449 Sydney Observatory 14 July 1871 Dear Sir I have today forwarded to you by Steamer a Box containing Raingauge, the necessary forms – and a stand by the Raingauge to prevent it blowing over, the post should be let into the ground about 1 foot and carefully placed, as that when the rain gauge is in it the Brass ring is quite level.

Letter by W Scott, 27 June 1862

June 27, 2008

Observatory Sydney June 27th 1862 62/18 Sir In reply to letter of 26th Inst, enclosing an extract from the letter of the Police Magistrate at Bourke, in which he proposes to act as Meteorological Observer; I have the honor to state that all the Meteorological Instruments belonging to the Observatory are distributed and in constant use, and I am not therefore in a position to accept that gentleman’s offer.

Letter by H C Russell, 11 June 1889

June 11, 2008

Observatory 11th June 1889 C L Wragge Esqre Dear Sir I duly received your letter asking me to hand over to you the Instruments at Connemara. I am quite willing to do this if you replace them by an exactly similar set delivered here: I have therefore ordered such a set which have been delivered in a satisfactory condition and I now enclose account for them the amount being £1-17-6 Yours truly H.C.