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Letter by H C Russell, 1 December 1870

December 1, 2008

1 Decr 0 My dear Sir I am preparing an abstract of all the meteorological observations I can obtain for the Colony up to the end of 1869. I should deem it a favour if you will allow me to publish your rainfall observations and for that purpose send me the total amount of rain for each year and the number of days on which rain fell for all the years you have.

Letter by H C Russell, 21 November 1872

November 21, 2008

651 21 Nov 2 Dear Sir From the 1st to the 20th December I want you to make particular observations on the state of the sky at Mount Victoria. More especially in the afternoons. Let the observations shew the amount of cloud and what sort of cloud.

Letter by H C Russell, 4 October 1870

October 4, 2008

144 Sydney Observatory October 4 1870 Sir I have again to urge your compliance with printed instructions for you still send in your rain measures in decimals both in your daily returns and monthly.

Letter by H C Russell, 3 October 1870

October 3, 2008

Oct 3 0 Sir I am sorry you took charge of that Met. Instrument under misapprehension it would have been well to enquire first if pay were to be given if that were your object. I thought from your offer to become an observer that you had a desire to further the objects of Meteorological sciences.

Letter by H C Russell, 23 September 1870

September 23, 2008

A closer view of the same letter: 137 Sept 23 0 Sir I forward by this mail a supply of forms which please use for Monthly Returns; if you do not receive a book before you are ready to begin use one of the forms for making your daily entry.

Letter by W Scott, 11 July 1860

July 11, 2008

Observatory Sydney July 11th 1860 60/25 Sir I am sorry to find that you are unable to perform the duties of the Meteorological Observer. With regard to the appointment of Mr Boardman I shall feel obliged if you will satisfy yourself respecting these points.

Letter by W Scott, 28 June 1858

June 28, 2008

Observatory Sydney June 28th 1858 58/75 Sir In reply to your letter of 23rd Instant offering your services as meteorological observer, I regret to have to inform you that it is not in my power to establish a Meteorological Station at Ironbark as I have not at present a set of instruments at my disposal.

Letter by W Scott, 27 June 1862

June 27, 2008

Observatory Sydney June 27th 1862 62/18 Sir In reply to letter of 26th Inst, enclosing an extract from the letter of the Police Magistrate at Bourke, in which he proposes to act as Meteorological Observer; I have the honor to state that all the Meteorological Instruments belonging to the Observatory are distributed and in constant use, and I am not therefore in a position to accept that gentleman’s offer.

Letter by W Scott, 24 June 1858

June 24, 2008

Observatory Sydney June 24th 1858 58/72 Sir In reply to your letter of 19th Inst I beg to state that your resignation of the office of Meteorological Observer at Albury is accepted. A certificate for salary from Janry 1st to June 30th 1858 will be forwarded to you on receipt of your return for June.

Letter by W Scott, 14 June 1858

June 14, 2008

Observatory Sydney June 14th 1858 58/70 Madam In reply to your letter of 29th May I beg to state that the accompanying returns are quite satisfactory, and that I shall be glad to regard you as one of my regular observers as long as you are willing to hold the office.

Letter by W Scott, 5 June 1858

June 5, 2008

58/65 Observatory Sydney June 5th 1858 Sir In reply to your letter of June 3rd I can only say that your Abstracts were duly forwarded to the Audit Office. Perhaps you have not instructed the Colonial Treasury as to the manner in which you wish these and future payments as Meteorological Observer to be made.