Letter by H C Russell, 26 January 1901

January 26, 2009

505 Jan 26 1 Sir In reply to your request for particulars as to the heavy rain storm on Jan 21st 1901. On three general occasions in past years rain has been recorded at the Observatory at the rate of 6 inches per hour for short intervals.

Letter by H C Russell, 24 January 1871

January 24, 2009

251 Govt Observatory 24th Janry 1871 Sir I was very much surprised to hear this morning from my assistant that you had not sent in the monthly meteorological Returns for 1870. I have been myself too busy to attend to it and took it for granted that when I restored the pay you would send in the Returns.

Letter by H C Russell, 22 January 1891

January 22, 2009

122 Janry 22nd The Telegraph Station Master Armidale Sir The Bearer of this letter Mr Slowman will see that the Instruments are properly erected and in good order. And I shall be glad if you will give him any assistance he may require for that purpose and he will bring with him the old Instruments.

Letter by H C Russell, 21 January 1891

January 21, 2009

119 Janry 21 A.L.P.Cameron Esqre Murrumbong Dear Sir Yours of 16th January duly received. I shall be much obliged to you for your Rain records and I am sending forms under separate cover. With regard to the position indicated in your letter: I am in some doubt.

Letter by H C Russell, 17 January 1891

January 17, 2009

106-107 Janry 17 John Mackay Esqre Clover Bank My dear sir Many thanks for your letter of Jan 14th enclosing copy of your river record from April 9th to Janry 14 of this year. From this it would appear that the total fall in the interval was 52ft 4 ½ in and 3ft: yet to fall would make the river at end of April allowing for small rises 13ft 4 ¾ in 42ft 6in above summer level.

Letter by H C Russell, 12 January 1891

January 12, 2009

71 Janry 12th My Dear Sir I have just received yours of 7th Instant and hope that ere this you you have received a supply of forms. Thermometers I shall be able to send to you shortly. In entering the rain please omit the Decimal points.

Letter by H C Russell, 10 January 1872

January 10, 2009

553 Sydney Observatory 10 Jan 1872 Sir My absence from Sydney has prevented an earlier reply to your letter of Nov 30th. Your salary to Sept 30 was placed in the Bank to your credit as requested what is the defect in the scales?

Letter by H C Russell, 8 January 1891

January 8, 2009

63 Janry 8th 0 Dear Sir I am much obliged to you For sending me in your letter of Dec 22 a copy of your letter to the Age. The views you have there expressed for the most part agree with my own: but I have never been able to find any evidence to bear out the statement in your letter that “All Meteorologists will readily admit that it is impossible to in any way operate upon the distribution of surface moisture without directly affecting the distribution of rainfall.” Indeed experience seems to …… …… Exactly opposite conclusion.

Letter by H C Russell, 7 January 1891

January 7, 2009

Pg 61 Janry 7 1891 Sir I have the honour herewith to enclose particulars of Rainfall in the Tumut District for the period referred to in your Letter of Jan 2nd 90/15067. I have no records of The River heights at Tumut.

Letter by H C Russell, 5 January 1871

January 5, 2009

232 Sydney Observatory 5 January 1870 My dear Sir I have recently made an effort to collect information about the rainfall of this Colony prior to 1840: and have enough to satisfy me that meteorological observations were taken at the Parramatta Observatory, but such as I have so far obtained is quite insufficient for my purpose which is if possible to trace back to the early days of the colony a rainfall period which is manifest in more recent years.

Letter by W Scott, 1 January 1858

January 1, 2009

58/1 11 Macquarie S. South Sydney Jan 1st 1858 Sir I have the honour to inform you that you are appointed to the office of Meteorological Observer at Maitland with a Salary of ₤20 per annum – your appointment dating from this day.

Letter by W Scott, 29 December 1857

December 29, 2008

Pg 43 The Astronomer to the Honourable The Colonial Secretary 11 Macquarie St. South Dec. 29th 1857 57/71 Sir I have the honour to inform you that on 22nd Inst. I returned from my visit to the Meteorological Stations in the northern part of the Colony; having fully established observations at Maitland, Armidale and Moreton Island, and taken the necessary measures for establishing one at Warwick in case the future Government of Moreton Bay should be willing to cooperate in the work.

Letter by W Scott, 29 December 1857

December 29, 2008

41 11 Macquarie St. South Sydney Dec. 29th 1857 57/69 Sir You will oblige me by some information on the following points 1st the safe arrival of the Meteorological Instruments. 2 What steps you have taken (if any) towards the establishment of the Observatory.

Letter by W Scott, 26 December 1857

December 26, 2008

11 Macquarie Street South Sydney Dec. 26th 1857 57/66 Sir Having been prevented from revisiting Maitland as I had intended I have to request that you will apply to me by letter for any information that you may require respecting the Meteorological Instruments or mode of observation.

Letter by H C Russell, 19 December 1890

December 19, 2008

39 Observatory 19 Dec 90 Revd J Shaw “The Parsonage” Dear Sir I am in receipt of your letter of 18th December in reference to the publication of rainfall report for Dungog for the month of September last.