Letter by W Scott, 18 June 1859

June 18, 2008

Observatory Sydney June 18th 1859 59/52 Sir In reply to your letter of March 14th I beg to inform you that no volumes of observations have as yet been issued from the Sydney Observatory but monthly Meteorological Reports are printed in the Government Gazette and a few copies for distribution.

Letter by H C Russell, 11 June 1889

June 11, 2008

Observatory 11th June 1889 C L Wragge Esqre Dear Sir I duly received your letter asking me to hand over to you the Instruments at Connemara. I am quite willing to do this if you replace them by an exactly similar set delivered here: I have therefore ordered such a set which have been delivered in a satisfactory condition and I now enclose account for them the amount being £1-17-6 Yours truly H.C.

Letter by H C Russell, 11 June 1889

June 11, 2008

Observatory 11th June 1889 Mr A Sullivan Dear Sir I am in receipt of your photos of the flood in high street from some point near the Bank of N.S.W. Will you kindly answer the following questions for me (1) When was the photo taken at the top of the flood or when it had begun to fall.

Letter by H C Russell, 11 June 1889

June 11, 2008

Observatory 11th June 1889 T H F Griffin Esqre My dear Sir Very many thanks for the photos of the flood just received with your letter: they are admirable pictures more like professional than amateur work.

Letter by H C Russell, 9 June 1874

June 9, 2008

Government Observatory Sydney 9th June 1874 Sir I have the honor to inform you that owing to the great amount of meteorological work which had to be undertaken during 1873 and two previous years, in order to satisfy the demand for information made by the public, I have been unable to reduce and make available for science the valuable results obtained from the Tidegauges at Fort Denison and Newcastle.

Letter by H C Russell, 6 June 1871

June 6, 2008

Sydney Observatory June 6th 1871 My dear Mr Tebbutt The enclosed paper contains some notes which belong to the observatory on Argus. You will see that I have only spoken of your published results and not of the very interesting point of the annual variable of which you wrote to me, as I was not sure that you had made it public.

Letter by H C Russell, 5 June 1900

June 5, 2008

June 5th 0 The Secretary Societe de Geographie Paris Sir I duly received your letter of March 24th 1900 and I am very pleased to learn that the Society desire to have my small contributions to Geography.

Letter by H C Russell, 24 January 1871

January 24, 2008

251 Govt Observatory 24th Janry 1871 Sir I was very much surprised to hear this morning from my assistant that you had not sent in the monthly meteorological Returns for 1870. I have been myself too busy to attend to it and took it for granted that when I restored the pay you would send in the Returns.