Letter by H C Russell, 4 March 1872

March 4, 2009

587 March 4 My dear Sir On Receipt of your letter about the Ball I complained to Mr Cracknell that the Ball at Newcastle was not dropped by wire but by hand thereby causing ?? ??& Mr Rollins??

Letter by H C Russell, 1 March 1901

March 1, 2009

532 March 1 John L Boyce Esquire Master Of Ship Somoena Dear Sir Our Time Ball at New Castle is dropped at 1pm Sydney zone time that is: exactly ten hours from Greenwich meantime. We drop at 1pm to give time to observe sun and correct clock, which then drops the ball and sends signals to Newcastle for five minutes to adjust Newcastle clock exactly.

Letter by H C Russell, 27 December 1870

December 27, 2008

220 Govt Observatory Sydney 27 Decr 1870 Sir I have the honor herewith to enclose vouchers in support of the payment of £10 advanced from the Vote for Instruments for 1870 for the Time Ball at Newcastle.

Letter by H C Russell, 9 September 1870

September 9, 2008

124 Sept 9th 0 My dear Sir In looking over the papers left by the late Mr Smalley I have found the enclosed Report from you; as there is nothing with it to show who it belongs to now, I have sent it to you in the hope that you may be able to return it to the proper quarter.

Letter by H C Russell, 19 June 1871

June 19, 2008

425 Sydney Observatory 19 June 1871 Dear Sir I have been so very busy for last few days that I could not write in re Time Ball. But will be glad if you will get it repaired as reasonably as possible to make a good job of it; it would be well to put a piece of Zinc??

Letter by H C Russell, 9 June 1874

June 9, 2008

Government Observatory Sydney 9th June 1874 Sir I have the honor to inform you that owing to the great amount of meteorological work which had to be undertaken during 1873 and two previous years, in order to satisfy the demand for information made by the public, I have been unable to reduce and make available for science the valuable results obtained from the Tidegauges at Fort Denison and Newcastle.