rain gauge

Letter by H C Russell, 2 June 1873

June 2, 2009

2 June My dear Sir .... information.... salary.... if I can provide you with Instruments. But ?? with ?? as there are I believe only two in the colony both at the Observatory and the load is heavy.

Letter by W Scott, 22 May 1860

May 22, 2009

Observatory Sydney May 22nd 1860 60/21 Sir I send you this day for Jenny Lind the barometer sent to Sydney for repairs. I enclose the instrument maker's account for which I must ask you to obtain the necessary sum from the government of Queensland.

Letter by H C Russell, 18 May 1889

May 18, 2009

Observatory May 18 1889 W Surfton Esquire Hon. Secretary B. P. C Sir Re rain gauge Your letter to the Post Master General dated May 11th 1889 and calling attention to the unsuitable position of the rain gauge at Bingara, I have made inquiry as to the surroundings of the rain gauge and find that they are somewhat confined, but not to such an extent as will interfere with the rain record.

Letter by H C Russell, 10 March 1891

March 10, 2009

163 March 10 1 Dear Sir Yours of March 2nd 91 in reference to a Raingauge for Mrs John G Mitchell. Will you kindly help my Geography a little: I have sent one Government Raingauge to Pine Ridge to Mr G Stewart, and I wanted to know how Mount Elliott is situated with regard to Pine Ridge Mr G Stewart’s place: because if they are close together the Instructions about the distribution of Raingauges; which forbids me sending two to the same place would come into force.

Letter by H C Russell, 2 February 1871

February 2, 2009

263 Sydney Observatory 2 Feby 1871 Sir Your returns are in part contradictory and I have to request answers to the following questions as soon as possible. When you hook the empty Rain gauge on the scale does it balance the scales and if not; how much is required to make it balance?

Letter by H C Russell, 10 January 1872

January 10, 2009

553 Sydney Observatory 10 Jan 1872 Sir My absence from Sydney has prevented an earlier reply to your letter of Nov 30th. Your salary to Sept 30 was placed in the Bank to your credit as requested what is the defect in the scales?

Letter by H A Lenehan, 3 November 1887

November 3, 2008

339/87 Mr John Reid Yabralong 3/11/87 We have at present time a number of stations in the locality of Dawaloo but if Mr Richards undertakes to send daily telegrams of the state of weather and rain when it occurs, together with the filling in and forwarding of monthly reports to this office I may be able to let him have the rain gauge you desire him to have, but it must be distinctly understood that returns are to be sent regularly (whether rain falls during month or not) – the other condition being that the work is to be done without salary.

Letter by H C Russell, 14 September 1863

September 14, 2008

Observatory Sydney Sept 14th 1863 John Barker Esqre “Walla” Sir I beg to inform you that your brother the late Dr Barker of Casino when he died held the appointment of Meteorological Observer at Casino and also, that several Instruments, namely a Mercurial Barometer a Maximum Thermometer a Thermometer Stand a Wind Vane and a Rain Gage with glass measure use by him, are the property of the Government of New South Wales.

Letter by H C Russell, 1 September 1870

September 1, 2008

109 Govt Observatory Sept 1st 1870 Dear Sir Amongst other letters left by the late astronomer and which I fear failing health prevented him from answering is yours of Janry 14 kindly forwarding meteorological information for which I take this opportunity of thanking you: more especially as you have furnished some information in reference to the wind which may help me in tracing our local winds.

Letter by H C Russell, 15 August 1871

August 15, 2008

463 15 August 1871 Sir I have to request your attention to the following instructions relative to your rainfall observations as all your results for rain ?? in July have to be rejected owing to the want of accuracy.

Letter by H A Lenehan, 19 July 1887

July 19, 2008

Sydney Observatory July 19th / 87 Dear Sir I forward by rail today small box containing Rain Gauge, max & min thermometers, forms, book of instructions & will be glad if you will send information ahead of each month – should you have leisure I would in addition be glad to have the daily readings by telegraph when they will be inserted in the Daily issue of the Herald.

Letter by W Scott, 10 July 1860

July 10, 2008

60/24 Observatory Sydney July 10th 1860 Sir I beg to acknowledge the receipt of a Bill on the ?? Bank for £5-6-6. I enclose herewith Messrs Ravelles’ receipt for 18/6 for Ozone Papers. With regard to the fall of dew, I find that it can be measured though not of course with extreme accuracy by the Rain Gauge.

Letter by H C Russelll, 8 July 1872

July 8, 2008

8 July Sir In your return for June the rainfall observations contradict each other and it is clear that the weights are at fault. Now when the rain gauge is hung on the hook of the scales empty it should balance without weights.